Did You Lose A Loved One To Wrongful Death?

The sudden loss of a family member in a car accident, deadly fall, dog attack or explosion is naturally a shock. Sometimes, death takes place some time after the accident, prolonging the period of pain for the family as well as for the accident victim. Time to say goodbye may be meaningful, but whether death is sudden or occurs later, close family members must cope with grief and loss of companionship. In addition, they face losses and practical challenges such as:

  • Paying for final medical bills, if applicable
  • Paying for funeral and burial costs — often much more expensive than a family might be prepared for
  • Living without the income that the deceased family member previously provided
  • Settling the estate of the deceased — often involving complex legal matters related to wills, trusts, real estate and business succession plans

I Handle The Law So You Can Be With Your Family

At the time of an accidental death, legal issues may be the farthest thing from the mind of a husband, wife, son, daughter, mother or father. Strong emotions related to the loss of the person’s life may make it difficult to talk about a possible wrongful death claim. However, please keep in mind that an experienced attorney has helped many other families handle similar challenges. If I represent your family after a fatal accident, I can take care of many burdens behind the scenes while you mourn your loss and take time to recover your sense of equilibrium.

Please speak with me to learn how I can help your family through this difficult time. Call 508-319-1641 or contact me online for a free consultation.

Compassionate And Skillful Guidance After The Death Of A Family Member

I am a dedicated and knowledgeable advocate for surviving family members who have lost loved ones in accidents at home, in traffic, at work, in recreation settings or in public. I am prepared to go the extra mile to take care of necessary details while you begin to heal after your painful loss.

Do You Have A Dram Shop Case After A Drunk Driving Fatality?

Once you have gotten past the initial shock of a sudden death in the family, you may realize what types of financial challenges you now face. If your loved one was hit by a drunk driver in or around Framingham, Massachusetts or beyond, I am prepared to fight for your right to compensation at maximum available levels.

This may include filing a dram shop claim against a bar or restaurant that kept serving wine, beer or cocktails to a driver who was shortly thereafter at the wheel, under the influence of alcohol, in a collision that killed your loved one. If the driver was under age 21 and consumed alcohol in a private home, you may have a viable claim against the homeowner who acted as a social host, serving or providing drinks to the underage guest.

Beware Stonewalling Insurance Claims Adjusters

Even filing a life insurance claim with your own insurance company after an accidental death is not as straightforward as you might expect. Insurers sometimes seek to blame the victim or claim that an accident falls under an exclusion in an insurance policy. I have helped many clients overcome obstacles as they pursued death benefits from their own insurance policies, as well as bringing wrongful death claims against negligent parties such as other motorists who caused the fatal accidents.

Contact An Advocate Who Will Stand Up For Your Family

After an accidental injury or fatality, I am here to advocate on your behalf. I offer free initial consultations at my Natick office regarding wrongful death. Contact me by email through this website or by phone at 508-319-1641.