I Fight The Insurance Company In Slip-And-Fall Claims

Considering the climate in Middlesex County and all of Massachusetts, it is perhaps not surprising that many slip-and-fall accidents in the community involve snow and ice. Elderly people as well as young, strong people often fall on icy surfaces or steps, or in entryways where snow from people’s boots has melted and created puddles on already slippery floor surfaces.

People are often surprised to learn that slip-and-fall cases are challenging. After trying to get compensation from the insurance company on their own, many realize that they need a lawyer’s help. At The Law Offices of David B. Zirlen, I represent people injured in a range of accidents. Don’t try to handle your case alone. Find out what I can do for you by calling 508-319-1641. Free consultation.

Common Slip-And-Fall Causes

Other common scenarios of slip-and-fall accidents and other dangerous premises accidents include:

  • Loose carpet in apartment complex hallways
  • Falls off of stages or platforms
  • Slippery surfaces created by spills in supermarkets
  • “Freak” accidents such as running into glass doors or brick walls
  • Falls out of bunk beds in college dormitories
  • Falls off of decks or hotel balconies
  • Injuries resulting from inadequate security in shopping mall parking lots and other dangerous areas

I Advocate For Your Rights

Whatever the circumstances of your slip-and-fall accident in the Natick and Framingham area, I am an experienced personal injury attorney who is prepared to serve as your personal advocate. This means I will find out how the accident happened, pinpoint who is responsible and prepare compelling arguments in support of the compensation you need for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Therapy and rehabilitation therapy
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Acknowledgement of pain and suffering

Contact My Firm To Discuss Your Case In Detail

Have you slipped on the ice in a parking lot and suffered a broken bone or head injury? Bring me the facts of your case and I will explain how I can advocate on your behalf after a slip-and-fall accident or another premises liability case. Free consultation: contact me by email through this website or call 508-319-1641.