Time Is Of The Essence After A Criminal Arrest

If you have been charged with a crime — or you are under investigation and suspect that an arrest may be coming, the time to act is now. Time is of the essence if you intend to protect your rights and your freedom to the best of your ability. Picking up the phone to call a lawyer regarding a criminal matter is never a comfortable action to take. However, your future may depend on it.

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A Former Prosecutor Who Knows How To Fight The State

A criminal conviction will follow you for years to come. It may make it difficult or impossible for you to follow your chosen career path or achieve other goals you have for your life. That is why you want to contact a skilled defense attorney if you have been accused, cited or arrested in the Greater Bostonwest region on any of the following:

Regardless of the criminal charges, and regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you have constitutional rights. These rights are intended to protect us from the overreach of law enforcement and prosecutors. Your rights include:

  • Freedom from unlawful search and seizure
  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to know exactly what the criminal charges are against you
  • The right to a trial by jury

The Experience You Need During Stressful Times

An experienced Middlesex County criminal defense attorney will thoroughly investigate your case and with your collaboration, craft an effective defense strategy. I am David B. Zirlen, a former prosecutor and well-established Natick-Framingham area criminal defense lawyer. I have more than 20 years of experience in my own private law practice. Originally from the Natick-Framingham area, I now conduct my criminal defense practice in the same area. My clients and their prosecutors alike know me to be a dedicated, well-established defense attorney in the MetroWest area. I consider myself truly invested in my clients’ outcomes.

Confident, Dedicated Defense Representation

No defense lawyer can promise a particular result in a given criminal defense case. However, I can assure new clients of my confidence and my ability to work with them toward outcomes that will offer opportunities. One of my fortes is my skillful work with clients and prosecutors by which many of my clients have obtained favorable results.

I help my clients move toward putting their criminal cases behind them and proceeding with a sense of hope toward a productive, promising future once again. My experience and dedication serve them well in their fight for freedom.

Seek An Advocate Who Will Fight For You — Contact My Office In Natick

To learn how I can help you, contact The Law Offices of David B. Zirlen, my MetroWest criminal defense law firm. I am here to advocate on your behalf. For a respectful, prompt response and to schedule a free initial consultation, contact me by email through this website or by phone at 508-319-1641.