Defend Yourself Against Sexual Assault Charges Right Away

A conviction for a sex crime in Massachusetts is something you should fight to avoid at all costs. The penalties could not only affect your life now, but for many years down the road. In fact, even the accusation itself could have a damaging effect on your relationships and your reputation. As a result, it is important to secure experienced defense representation as soon as possible.

Quick Action And Dedicated Service In Sex Crimes Defense

I am Framingham defense attorney David B. Zirlen. I have more than 20 years of experience handling the most complex criminal defense matters. I focus on providing personalized service to each client, and I act quickly to reduce the impact a sex crimes charge could have on my clients’ lives. I understand what is at risk, which is why I take the time to prepare a strong defense and to uncover the truth behind the allegations.

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What Penalties Could You Face?

Sex crimes convictions carry significant penalties, including jail time, fines, having the crime appear on your permanent record and more. In some instances, there are even mandatory minimum sentences that a judge must abide by upon conviction. A conviction could also easily prevent you from securing housing or finding and maintaining employment. Perhaps the most significant penalty, however, is being labeled as a registered sex offender. Please speak with me as soon as possible if you are facing charges involving:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault or sexual abuse
  • Sexual activity with a minor
  • Illicit photos of children
  • Drugging someone for sexual purposes
  • Any other sex crime in Massachusetts

Massachusetts’ Sex Offender Registry

Most people convicted of sexual crimes will be required to register as a sex offender with the state’s Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB). The SORB maintains a database of individuals who have been found guilty of one of several crimes. This database shares information with the public, including:

  • A personal photo
  • Physical characteristics
  • Home address
  • Details about the offense
  • Sentencing details

I aggressively pursue every avenue available to prevent this from happening to my clients. I carefully review the evidence, speak with witnesses, uncover biases and do whatever else it takes to secure the best outcome possible.

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