Were You Bitten Or Attacked By A Dog?

True or false: Every dog is entitled to one bite. In Massachusetts, this is false. Even if a dog bite was the first attack by that dog, the dog’s owners and/or property owner will be held responsible to compensate you for your injury.

Despite the seemingly straightforward nature of these cases, you will likely need an experienced attorney to protect your right to adequate compensation. When you work with me, you can rely on my 15-plus years of legal experience as well as my understanding of injury cases. I obtained a $180,000 settlement for a young girl who suffered dog bite injuries. Learn how I can help you. Call 508-319-1641 today for a free consultation.

PTSD Is Common After A Dog Attack

If you or your child has been bitten or mauled by a dog, injuries are likely to have a psychological dimension as well as cause physical harm. Both children and adults who have been attacked by dogs are often left with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to contend with.

Immediately after a serious dog bite injury, you may have gone to an emergency room (ER) and received urgent medical treatment. Puncture wounds may have been mended with stitches — and you may be left with facial scarring or disfigurement. Your doctor most likely took steps to prevent infection, which is always a risk after a dog bite injury.

During follow-up care, your doctor may refer you to a plastic surgeon, who may recommend skin grafting or some other type of plastic surgery. Particularly in the case of children, plastic surgeons often recommend that additional surgery take place in the future, after certain levels of maturation of facial bones have been reached.

Avoid Talking With Insurance Representatives

Beware of accepting a settlement offer too quickly from a property owner or dog owner, or an insurer. Medical costs and psychological therapy can add up to large sums of money quickly. Until you know what your doctors recommend long term, it is difficult to know what a fair settlement should be. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney before discussing the case with an insurance claims adjuster or agreeing to any settlement.

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