Take Action To Protect Yourself From OUI/DUI Charges

While not everyone drinks alcohol, a great percentage of the population does so at least occasionally, and the great majority of the population uses motor vehicles to get around. It is not only habitual drunks who are cited for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs (OUI, commonly known as DUI). An arrest is just as likely to occur in the case of an occasional drinker who had a few glasses of champagne at a wedding.

The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner you can begin protecting your rights and your privilege to drive. Schedule your free initial consultation today by contacting my Framingham OUI/DUI defense firm online or calling 508-319-1641 to discuss your options. You can also see some of my OUI case results.

Aggressive Defense Is The Smart Response After An OUI/DUI Arrest

Drunk driving charges happen to people of all ages and social classes. I have represented working professionals, high school and college students, blue-collar workers and homemakers. Whatever this is your first OUI arrest or a subsequent offense, it is not a matter of shame. Rather, it is an important legal challenge that requires a prompt and intelligent response.

It is important to begin an effective OUI defense as soon as possible. If I represent you in a drunk driving case, for your sake, I need to get started right away:

  • Working to preserve evidence, such as obtaining videotaped records from police before they are taped over
  • Scrutinizing Breathalyzer results, if applicable, including examining maintenance records of the machine
  • Evaluating the manner and method by which you were stopped, whether by a traffic stop or at a sobriety checkpoint
  • Analyzing how field sobriety tests were administered
  • Determining what your greatest concerns are and taking action appropriately (such as working to protect your professional license as well as your driver’s license)
  • Analyzing your situation to determine whether pursuing a hardship license is an appropriate goal if your license has been suspended or revoked

When you contact me, we can work together to protect your driving privileges and prevent the damaging effects of a criminal record with as little long-term effect as possible.

Protecting Your Driver’s License, Your Freedom And Your Future

Remember that OUI/DUI charges are much more serious than traffic tickets. Your driver’s license could be suspended or revoked. It is generally difficult for individuals in the Middlesex County, Suffolk County and Norfolk County areas to get around without a car. While residents of Boston proper may use the bus, public transportation can be cumbersome and inadequate for MetroWest residents.

If you rely on your ability to drive to get to work, take care of your family and go about your daily routine, an OUI conviction can drastically alter your lifestyle. An aggressive defense may be your best hope.

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