Four bad driving habits to avoid

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Injuries

Reckless driving is a habit that no one thinks they have. When drivers develop years of experience behind the wheel, they become confident in their skills. This confidence is often a good thing, but it can cause a drive to adopt some habits that may be dangerous.

The cost of a car accident can cost a victim thousands of dollars or more. Drivers who are conscious of their habits are more likely to remove practices that are dangerous to themselves and others. Here are four habits you can avoid to keep yourself safe on the road:

Eating and driving

It may seem easy enough to hold a burger in one hand and have the car’s wheel in the other, but it invites major distractions to happen. A hot beverage spill or ketchup on your shirt can cause enough of a distraction to take your eyes off the road.

Using your phone

Anyone can tell you that you should not use your phone while driving, and yet many of those people still have the same bad habit they speak against. While you may keep from texting and driving, updating your GPS, or making a phone call can be all the time it takes to get into an accident.

Failing to use turn signals

Turn signals are one of our only methods of communicating with other drivers on the road. You may think that a signal at a particular intersection is not necessary, but that signal can be the difference in avoiding an accident or not.


Running late is a common excuse to exceed the speed limit. Still, those limits are in place for your safety. Going too fast on a sharp turn can limit your ability to make the turn safely. It can also prevent you from avoiding other obstacles like road construction or a car accident.

Stay safe out there

It is easy to take for granted safety on the road. Take a few moments to consider your driving habits to keep yourself and those around you safe.