What allegations of violent crimes could mean for your future

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Allegations of violent behavior can come with a steep price if convicted. Assault and battery are types of criminal offenses that involve threatening harm or harming another person, and you would be wise to take these allegations seriously. Authorities and prosecutors will often seek the maximum penalties allowed under the law.

A strong defense can help you confront the case against you. It is possible to challenge the evidence and fight to avoid a conviction, but you would be wise not to waste any time in starting this process. If you are under investigation for assault or battery or you are already facing formal charges, it is in your interests to move quickly to learn more about what you are up against and how you can fight back.

Assault charges

Assault and battery charges often come hand-in-hand, but they are two distinct charges, and there are significant differences between the two. Assault involves the attempt to cause injury to someone or to cause that person to fear injury. This can include making threats to cause physical injury. There is no act requirement for an assault charge.

This means that the prosecution can charge someone with assault even if there was no physical contact. It may be enough if there was simply aggressive behavior or threats made. It may be a surprise to you to learn that you could be in serious legal trouble even if you did not touch another person.

Battery charges

Battery charges are similar to assault charges except this type of criminal offense does involve physical contact. In order to charge someone with battery, there must be evidence of intentional and offensive contact. With these charges, it does not require the intent to cause harm, but instead, it focuses on the intent to make contact. Depending on the nature of the individual situation, the prosecution may charge someone for both assault and battery at the same time.

A strong defense

Your future interests are at stake when facing assault and battery charges. It is in your interests to act quickly to secure appropriate defense support and start preparing your defense strategy. An assessment of your case with an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorney can help you understand what options are available to you and how you can move forward. These are serious criminal charges, and they merit a serious criminal defense.