Hurt by a consumer product? Know your rights.

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Injuries

When you buy something for your own use or for your children, you expect that product is safe. This applies to everything from the groceries you by to the medicine you take. You place a significant amount of trust in product manufacturers and distributors. It can be devastating when you learn that the products you relied on were actually dangerous.

If something you used or consumed caused you harm, it may not be a coincidence. You could be the victim of a dangerous consumer product, and there are options available to you. Through specific legal steps, it is possible to hold liable parties accountable for manufacturing, releasing and distributing something that caused innocent consumers pain and suffering.

What’s the problem?

When determining if there are grounds to take legal action because of a dangerous consumer product, it will necessary to pinpoint the exact problem. Issues can arise at any stage between the original planning of the product and getting it in the hands of consumers. Examples of this include:

  • Design defects – This is a problem with the design of the product itself, leading to issues with the function of the product or a safety hazard for the user.
  • Manufacturing defects – These are problems that happen while the product is in the process of being made. It can happen when instructions are incorrect, low-quality component parts are used or there is a lack of safety checks.
  • Problems with warnings – If there is a possible side effect or potential issue that can happen with incorrect use, the manufacturer should place appropriate warnings on the packaging.

The types of remedies that may be available to you as a consumer who suffered harm depend on the details of your individual situation. A thorough assessment of your case will help you understand which type of defect caused you harm and what you can do about it.

Navigating the legal process

Navigating the process of pursuing a products liability claim can be complex. This is why there is significant benefit in working with an experienced Massachusetts injury attorney who can help you fight for the best possible outcome to your case. If you believe that you are suffering because of a dangerous consumer product, you may want to take quick action to learn about the options available to you. These cases are time sensitive, and you have no time to lose in getting the compensation you need and deserve.