The consequences of underage DUI charges

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2019 | Drunk Driving Charges

Drunk driving cases can bring a number of penalties and may disrupt life in different ways. For some people, such as those facing underage DUI charges, this is especially true. For example, a young person who has been charged with driving drunk may face challenges related to their ability to attend college, their career and their personal relationships. Of course, financial penalties, the loss of driving privileges and even time behind bars may also make life tough. If you were recently charged with underage drunk driving, or you have a child who is going through this, be sure to explore all legal options.

Underage drunk driving can be especially complicated for a handful of reasons. For example, zero tolerance laws can mean that a young person who has a very small amount of alcohol in their system may still be charged with driving under the influence even though they were not intoxicated to any extent when they were pulled over. Moreover, there are numerous pressures that young people face, such as negative influences from the media and classmates, as well as unfamiliarity with drunk driving laws and figuring out how to address charges when they surface.

Because underage DUI charges can have such serious ramifications, it is essential for young people who are dealing with these hurdles to carefully examine their options. There may be certain strategies that could help them secure a better outcome in the courtroom, and there are often unique details in these cases that can have an impact on the end result.