Considerations to reduce OUI limit are beginning to be recognized

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2018 | Drunk Driving Charges

When people have been drinking in Massachusetts, their split-second decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle can result in a lifetime of perilous consequences. Recognizing the dangers of drinking and driving and implementing measures to prevent that temptation from happening is something that all drivers should be striving to do. However, in situations where a person does make an irrational and careless decision, they may eventually be able to put their mistake behind them with a commitment to never re-offend and active efforts to be better.

While discussions to lower the OUI limit that is designated by law enforcement personnel has been in the works for some time, Utah is working toward making a permanent change to its law beginning on December 30. The plan is to lower the alcohol consumption that is legally permitted before driving from .08 to .05. While this change has drawn lots of support from people who protest drinking and driving, it has also drawn criticism from those who worry that it is too strict.

Speculation suggests that if Utah’s law enforcement see a notable difference in the reduction of accidents involving drunk drivers, there are chances that more states will follow in their footsteps. Utah authorities are receiving specialized training as they prepare for the introduction and implementation of the new law and reduced tolerance for drunk driving.

If people have been convicted of driving under the influence, they may wish to hire an attorney to represent them in court. This decision may enable them to receive a lesser sentence and present their case in a manner that is convincing and effective.

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