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Woman arrested for OUI in Rehoboth based of another's account

Many people in Natick might view the notion of one challenging drunk driving charges to be absurd. After all, how can one dispute such an accusation after law enforcement officials have recorded evidence that shows their blood-alcohol level to be above the legal limit? Such assumptions, however, are often made before all of the facts involved in a case have a chance to come to light. Indeed, there may be many instances where one feels justified in disputing a DUI charge (such as those cases where they were not actually found while driving). 

Can your completion of alcohol rehab benefit your legal case?

Being punished for an alcohol crime in Massachusetts may be your final straw before you realize the gravity of your situation. Thankfully, you have the opportunity to make things right again, even after being charged with operating your vehicle while under the influence. Being aware of the resources that are available to you and how to implement them to support your endeavors to put your mistakes in the past, is important to moving forward with your life. 

Does having a DUI affect your ability to drive a work vehicle?

When you are accused of operating under the influence in Massachusetts, it could affect many areas of your life. You may find that your ability to drive is affected if your license is revoked, you may struggle to maintain the trust of people you care about, your vehicle insurance could skyrocket and you may find yourself questioning how your behavior will affect your future. 

School allows man to be reinstated following DUI charge

When people make the mistake of choosing to get behind the wheel and drive in Massachusetts after they have had a few drinks, the consequences that follow may seem next to impossible to overcome. However, with a commitment to change and a willingness to humbly own up to the consequences they have been required to pay, people can alter the course of their life and continue to find satisfaction despite their mistakes. 

Different ways a DUI case can affect relationships

After they are pulled over for driving drunk, many people immediately think about the penalties associated with drunk driving charges. From losing the ability to drive for a period of time to facing steep financial penalties, career damage and even spending time behind bars, drunk driving can carry serious consequences. However, there are many other reasons why these allegations can be so disruptive in one’s life. For example, DUI charges can have a negative impact on someone’s relationships, whether they experience marital problems, lose friends or run into challenges involving their parents or other relatives.

DUI charges and custody rights

The consequences of being pulled over for drunk driving can impact someone’s life in so many ways. Beyond the financial penalties, the loss of driving privileges and potentially spending time in prison, this can be a very disruptive situation when it comes to one’s family. Not only can DUI charges lead to the breakdown of a relationship and family drama, but they can also make it more difficult for a parent to pursue child custody while going through a divorce. It is especially important for parents to avoid DUI charges, but for some, it is already too late. Likewise, parents should be particularly careful when approaching their drunk driving case.

Depression, excessive drinking and drunk driving

There are a number of reasons why people get behind the wheel when they are over the legal limit. In some cases, people may not realize that their blood alcohol content level has surpassed the legal limit because they did not think they drank very much (this can be especially tricky when it comes to mixed drinks at a party, for example). In other instances, a driver may feel sober and think that enough time has passed to allow their system to remove alcohol when they are still considered drunk. Moreover, some people may be more likely to drive drunk when they are struggling with depression and other emotional hurdles.

Spring break and drunk driving charges

People are pulled over for driving under the influence at all times of the year, but DUI charges may be especially likely on certain occasions. For example, spring break can lead to more people getting behind the wheel while they are over the legal limit, and those who were recently charged with DUI over spring break may be very worried about how these charges will affect their future. From problems related to one’s career to difficulties that arise regarding college (which is especially notable since many college students participate in spring break parties that involve alcohol), it is crucial to handle these charges correctly.

The consequences of underage DUI charges

Drunk driving cases can bring a number of penalties and may disrupt life in different ways. For some people, such as those facing underage DUI charges, this is especially true. For example, a young person who has been charged with driving drunk may face challenges related to their ability to attend college, their career and their personal relationships. Of course, financial penalties, the loss of driving privileges and even time behind bars may also make life tough. If you were recently charged with underage drunk driving, or you have a child who is going through this, be sure to explore all legal options.

Drunk driving and older adults

When some people think of the typical drunk driver, they may think of someone who is in their teens or a twenty-something. People may also envision a male driver when they think about the type of person who typically drives drunk. However, it is important to bear in mind that drivers of all ages may operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, whether they are male or female. Moreover, older adults also drive drunk and may find themselves facing charges for operating while under the influence. In fact, drunk driving among older adults raises a number of issues, which we will touch on in this post.