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January 2019 Archives

What happens to your insurance if your license is revoked?

When you were pulled over for operating your vehicle under the influence in Massachusetts, your license may have been revoked temporarily. This action prevents you from being able to legally drive for a period of time while you work to pay restitution for your choice. While you may think that your license's revocation is limited to your driving privileges, it can also affect your insurance which is something you should be aware of. 

DUI child endangerment laws in Massachusetts

When an officer stops a person on suspicion of driving under the influence in Massachusetts, and when that person has a child passenger in the vehicle, the state may charge the driver with both an OUI and child endangerment. This is thanks to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which convinced federal lawmakers that driving drunk with a child passenger is a form of child abuse. Today, all but four states have the power to charge a person with a separate offense if that person is guilty of operating a motor vehicle while inebriated and with a child passenger. In all states, including those that do not have additional laws, prosecutors have the right to charge the drunk driver with the additional crime of child endangerment.